WWOS 2022: Simon Begg

From Sydney, Australia, Simon Begg is a young turner who was lucky enough to find his passion for woodturning at an early age. Throughout school he excelled in industrial technology and after high school completed cabinetmaking apprenticeships.

Then in 2016, Simon quit his job as a cabinetmaker and started turning full-time after Turnfest, Australia’s premier woodturning event. He has now taught at that conference being one of its headline demonstrators.

Simon’s work ranges from unique designs that focus on texture – to smaller gifts items with elements of ergonomic design – to obscure older techniques like the German ring turning. He loves working with salvaged and sustainably sourced Australian species of timber and feels it is his responsibility to bring out the best in the wood through good form and/or carving. Simon continues to challenge himself by finding new inspirations and learning through experimentation.