WWOS 2022: Jan Hovens

My name is Jan Hovens and I live in the south part of the Netherlands. I am 65 turning 66 and completely self taught I am a full time production turner and make/turn things for a wide variety of customers, anything from bowls to knobs and other stuff (so far this year about 4000 pieces).

I also make tools for turners like for instance thread chasers. Besides production turning I also teach and give turning demo’s in the Netherlands but also in other countries in Europe. I am a regular author on turning related things for the German magazine : HOLZWERKEN for witch I also do video’s on their YouTube channel: HOLZWERKENTV.
In my spare time I mainly turn boxes and also chess pieces which I am fascinated by.




Jan's Session Details 

Dutch Woodturner Jan Hovens will be demonstrating his box making techniques.

I will make a box combining the outer shell of a Thikafruit with a piece of Plum.

I will show how to work with this Thika and do thread chasing.

Everything will be screwed together.





 Jan Hovens Gallery

Jan Hovens
Jan Hovens
Jan Hovens
Jan Hovens