WWOS 2022: Franz Keilhofer

Franz Keilhofer is a German Woodturner, Author, Teacher and Model,
growing up on a small, old farm in the Bavarian mountains, Franz started woodturning at the age of 21 whilst having a break from university. He tried woodturning as a hobby first and decided to become self-employed in this profession two years later.

Having a journeyman degree in precision mechanics with a focus on mould-making Franz has a rather technical approach on woodturning as well on design – therefore he describes himself as “not an artist”.
Franz has a focus on wooden bowls in all dimensions. He is working from green wood only (whether it’s green-to-finish or double turned bowls). Having his own forest and living in a woodland dominated area his process always starts from whole logs. Most of his work is made to be used so there is a focus on functionality and durability. “Most of the time, my goal is to create something timeless. Something that doesn’t stick to a trend and works in a modern home just as well as in a traditional one. I want my bowls to be heirlooms rather than collector items.”