WWOS 2022: Amy Leake

My green woodworking adventures were ignited several years ago thanks to my woodburner. As a child I loved whittling things in the garden with my penknife and had a great little treadle jigsaw on which I turned out gifts for my family. With a lack of woodculture around me these were shelved for a while, but I'd always been interested in finding out about practical uses for the plants and trees I saw around me.

WWOS 2022: Benoit Averly

Benoît Averly lives and works in Burgundy, France. There, he creates, in a refined spirit, art pieces in wood; with subtle contrasts, playing with light, lines and textures. Inspired by nature and architecture, he feeds his creations through his photographic journey through numerous trips, in search of a rhythm, and quiet balance.

WWOS 2022: Chris Fisher

Christopher Fisher RPT is known as the Blind Woodturner and is currently the UK’s only completely blind professional and accredited Woodturner.

WWOS 2022: Elizabeth Weber

Elizabeth is a Tennessee native now living in Seattle, WA.

WWOS 2022: Jacques Vesery

Jacques Vesery is an Artist/ Sculptor from Damariscotta and has lived in Maine for 20 years. Striving to create an illusion of reality, his vision and inspiration begins with repetitive patterns derived from the 'golden mean' or 'divine proportions'. The marriage of pattern, form and proportion conveys a sense of growth from within each of his pieces.

WWOS 2022: Keith Gotschall

Keith Gotschall has been involved in working with wood since a very early age, even before leaving high school.

WWOS 2022: Kirk DeHeer

With over 25 years of experience Kirk DeHeer has an extensive knowledge of woodturning tools, equipment and techniques.

WWOS 2022: Kirsty Dalton

Hello, my name is Kirsty Dalton I am the owner and creator of Primitive Woodland Line. I am a designer that focuses on making things in wood! I love wood-turning and carving and I spend an insane amount of my time burning tiny details into each piece with a process called pyrography.

WWOS 2022: Neil Turner

I started turning when I was 19 on a home-made lathe using wood that I unearthed while tilling the soil. I’m really unsure as to the reason why I started; it was something that I enjoyed the more I explored.

WWOS 2022: Owen Schroder

Hi, I’m Owen. I’m a 19 year old keen-hobbyist/part-time woodturner living in rural West Wales, UK.

WWOS 2022: Phil Irons

Born in Sydney, Australia, Phil grew up with a father who was a woodworker and antique restorer so wood has always paid a major role in his life. Phil's first introduction to woodturning came at the age of 13 when his father acquired an 1870s American cast iron child's treadle lathe. Woodturning became a serious hobby in his late 20's and after a six year spell in the travel industry, he took the decision become a professional woodturner in 1994. His knowledge and appreciation of English timbers was initially gained from working as a tree surgeon/forester for several years.

WWOS 2022: Rebecca DeGroot

Rebecca started woodworking with her father at a very young age and continued to refine her skill through college.

WWOS 2022: Richard Findley

Richard is a production turner based in Leicestershire in the UK. His background is in woodworking, coming from a long line of professional woodworkers.

WWOS 2022: Roberto Ferrer

Roberto Ferrer was born and raised in Mexico, where he was surrounded by art and crafts from the early age.
While drawing and painting were part of his everyday life, the love for wood as a medium was born in his childhood when he used to visit his cousin's wood shop. But it was the colonial and baroque style architecture in his hometown that sparked the desire to one day be able to create sculptural work.

WWOS 2022: Simon Begg

From Sydney, Australia, Simon Begg is a young turner who was lucky enough to find his passion for woodturning at an early age. Throughout school he excelled in industrial technology and after high school completed cabinetmaking apprenticeships.

WWOS 2022: Troy Grimwood

Being a builder by trade, and through Wood Work at school, I have always had a passion for Wood Work. In 2008 I had a rock climbing accident which left me paralysed and once I had recovered a friend introduced me to woodturning - I haven't looked back since. I turn functional and artistic pieces and enjoy playing with texture and colour.

WWOS 2022: George Watkins

When I was nineteen I went to a craft fair and got chatting to a woodturner, I don't know why but I knew there and then that I wanted to try woodturning. Soon after that meeting I bought a small lathe and “had a go” with hindsight I wished I’d have had some formal lessons with a professional woodturner as those first few years were fraught with frustration and I very nearly gave up several times.

WWOS 2022: Franz Keilhofer

Franz Keilhofer is a German Woodturner, Author, Teacher and Model,
growing up on a small, old farm in the Bavarian mountains, Franz started woodturning at the age of 21 whilst having a break from university. He tried woodturning as a hobby first and decided to become self-employed in this profession two years later.

WWOS 2022: John Jordan

John Jordan is a woodturner from Cane Ridge (Nashville), Tennessee. Known primarily for his textured and carved hollow vessels. His work has received numerous awards, and is in the permanent collections of many museums and corporations, including the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian, the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, the American Craft Museum in New York City, the White House in Washington, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Mint Museum of Craft + Design in Charlotte, the Fine Arts Museum in Boston, and the Detroit Institute of the Arts, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.

WWOS 2022: Derek Weidman

Derek Weidman, born in 1982, lives in rural Pennsylvania a bit outside the city of Philadelphia. Initially studying philosophy in college, but a born artist, he choose to follow in the path of his father who was a bird carver.

WWOS 2022: Jan Hovens

My name is Jan Hovens and I live in the south part of the Netherlands. I am 65 turning 66 and completely self taught I am a full time production turner and make/turn things for a wide variety of customers, anything from bowls to knobs and other stuff (so far this year about 4000 pieces).

WWOS 2022: Marisa Klaster

Marisa Klaster lives and works in Rotterdam (NL). She combines her work as a freelance art director with designing and making contemporary homeware & tableware.

WWOS 2022: Ronald Kanne

After a career as a sound engineer, Ronald thought it was time to start earning real money. Turning wood!

WWOS 2022: Arun Radysh Haasis

I am seventeen years old, and live in a remote glen at the fringes of the Cairngorms. I have always been drawn to the unique patterns in different woods which inspired me to start woodturning 3 years ago. 

WWOS 2022: Andrew Hall

My woodworking career started when I served a five year apprenticeship as a Carpenter and Joiner with Blue Circle Industries at Weardale.

At the age of 22 I had the opportunity to teach apprentices at three colleges in the North East of England.

WWOS 2022: Cheryl Lewis

Nature fuels me! As a child, I grew my best memories outdoors. Later I took my own kids down dirt trails and had them feel the bark of each tree we passed.

WWOS 2022: Andrew Daniels

Having worked in the digital creative industry for many years as a photographer Andrew felt the need to express himself in a more tangible way thus starting his timber design and gallery.

WWOS 2022: Stuart Batty

Stuart Batty is a third generation apprenticed woodturner with over 40 years of experience. Under the expert tutelage of his father Allan Batty, a world-renowned master spindle turner, Stuart began turning at the age of ten. By the age of 16, Stuart had become an accomplished production spindle turner and instructor and had gained wide notoriety for his technical proficiency and teaching abilities.

WWOS 2022: Pat Carroll

Working as a builder/carpenter, woodturning was a craft I knew very little about before 2001. I had done some research and found a woodturner in my nearest town. Lucky for me, this woodturner was one of the finest turners in Ireland, Willie Stedmond (one of the founding members of the Irish Woodturners Guild) was giving night classes to which I attended a few.

WWOS 2022:Emily Ford

Emily Ford is a graduate of Utah State University. She has been captivated by captive rings since 2015. She started turning specifically to learn to make captive ring baby rattles because she had a new baby.

WWOS 2022:Joe Laird

Joe Laird woodturning is a small craft business based in Co. Meath Ireland. A 7th generation turner, woodturning and carving have been a part of Joe’s trade since he began work as a cabinetmaker when he was a boy.

WWOS 2022: Scott Grove

As a third-generation artist, Scott Grove designs and creates furniture, sculpture, architectural reproductions, photography, murals, play spaces, interiors, films, and other art using multiple media and many disciplines.

WWOS 2022: Rolly Munro

Born in 1954, Rotorua New Zealand

Attended Art school 1974 – 1978 Dunedin

WWOS 2022: Pascal Oudet

I love the action sun, rain, frost, have on natural materials. In the mountains where I live, they create beautiful textures and colors on old wood on barns and on slate layers. I've also enjoyed the weathered aspect of driftwood I’ve seen during a journey in New Zealand. All these elements reveal and emphasize the inner structure of the material, and are a great source of inspiration for me.

WWOS 2022: Theo Haralampou

“Life is too short, so we should enjoy the journey, share with others and leave something to show we were here.”

WWOS 2022: Gary Lowe

Originally from the Glasgow area in Scotland, I now live in the beautiful area of Moray, Northern Scotland. Surrounded by Mountains on one side and the coast on the other. Nestled on the edge of the Spey Valley we are spoilt with stunning scenery and wildlife, not to mention the 50 + whisky distilleries in the local area.